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The Association for Music and Applied Art Management Aulos Varaždin (abbr. “Aulos”) was founded in 2002 in Varaždin with the aim of modernizing and promoting a variety of contents related to music and applied art, primarily by encouraging music creation and preserving musical heritage. The Association assembles various musicians, composers, producers, musicologists, graphic artists, ceramicists, photographers and other professionals whose work is related to music, media and visual art and design in the feild of applied art. Apart from that, the Association is specifically aimed at promoting the city of Varaždin via the preservation and development of its musical artistic identity.


Aulos is closely related with the music production work of its president Vladimir Gotal, a former music editor of Radio Varaždin. Since the release of his first CD Ivan Padovec: The Chaplet of Songs in 1997, Vladimir Gotal has participated in the making of 50 different sound recording media, whether as a producer, editor or tone operator. All those sound media have been made in collaboration with Radio Varaždin, Varaždin Baroque Evenings, Concert Agency Varaždin and the Diocese of Varaždin.


Of all the CDs that have been released so far, what needs to be emphasized as a special audio-visual souvenir of the city of Varaždin is definitely “The Sound Postcard of Varaždin”, which has already been released three times, each time reissued. Furthermore, what also deserves a special attention is the most encompassing project of recording and releasing Johann Sebastian Bach´s album “The Well-Tempered Clavier”, performed by the famous Croatian cembalist Višnja Mažuran. The work of Aulos is also related with the music festival Varaždin Baroque Evenings, Concert Agency Varaždin, as well as with Varaždin Music School.



Vladimir Gotal and Anđelko Igrec with the Porin statue

For all our releases since 1999 until today, we have received 13 nominations for the Croatian Discography Award Porin in the categories of classical, spiritual and ethno-music. In 2010, at the 17th annual Porin, the Varaždin musician Anđelko Igrec received the award in the category The Best Author´s Album for the CD-release “Kyrie”, issued by Aulos.








The Association was named after an ancient Greek wind instrument aulos (ancient Greek αὐλός). Today it is considered a predecessor of the oboe. It is well-known that the instrument was most commonly used as a musical accompaniment in the Dionysian rites. The player auletes would usually play two aulos simultaneously, but the instrument was used both for a solistic performance and for an accompaniment to singing.

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